What we do

Social Work is a profession that is change and action oriented. It is a skilled and paid job that has the objective of assisting individuals, groups, families, communities and societies to solve their problems. In doing this, social workers work as enablers, counsellors, advocates and resource mobilizers. They are also multi disciplinary team players as they work with, teachers, other Health Professionals, Law enforcement professionals and lawyers to help a service user from a state of disfunctionality to functionality.

Our service users are, children in need of care and protection, the physically and mentally challenges, youths, the aged, families, communities, refugees and internationally displaced persons, traumatised individual, the socially and economically excluded, etc.

Our members can be found in, Social Welfare offices in all the six Area Councils and Social Development Secretariat, NGOs and international aid agencies; others are Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), FCT Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Social Development Secretariat, National Human Right Commission, Orphanages, National Agency for the Prohibition of Human Trafficking (NAPTIP), All General Hospitals and Community Health Centre.