In March 2015 NASOW FCT launched a volunteer group as part of its activities to mark the world social work day. Organising a standing volunteer group became necessary due to the increasing rate of social problems and the scarcity of resources both human and material required to intervene in solving the problems.

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The increasing pace of these problems in Abuja is as a result of the strategic place of the FCT which has become a refuge haven for so many people seeking better life from difficulties of survival. They range from victims of natural disasters, communal clashes and in recent times people displaced by insurgency in the north east. Added to these is the general economic problem and unemployment that has made Abuja an attraction to young people from all over Nigeria who see it as a place that hold better job opportunities.

In the FCT there are institutional mechanism put in place by the Federal Capital Territory Administration FCTA and the area councils to cater for the welfare of Abuja residents. Government efforts in the social welfare delivery system has some limitations in terms of funding and manpower.

The volunteer group is therefore aimed at contributing our own quota towards bridging the gap in the social welfare service delivery system.


There are no hard and fast rules about this; our major role here is to coordinate resources and ensure they are efficiently delivered to the needy. Resources here could be, your time, financial and material donations, expertise not limited to social workers alone, you can be a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer whoever is interested in offering services to the distressed, traumatised and less privileged. Beneficiaries could be a family in need of urgent rehabilitation, a sick person in the hospital, Children in need of protection and care, Traumatised and displaced people etc. Other forms of contribution towards this effort can be delivered in form of sponsoring periodic training for our volunteer groups.


Ada – 08038852530
Aisha – 08065646625
Okoro – 07039615555


  1. Effiom, Joseph N. Reply

    I am interested of the volunteering services with my time not minding whatever threat it may pose. I am a social worker by profession. My time and services are available.

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